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Strep A Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

What do the outcomes suggest?

If you or your baby has a good result on a rapid strep test, it implies you have strep throat or a further strep A an infection. No further testing will be required.

If the rapid test was unfavorable, but the provider thinks you or your baby may possibly have strep throat, he or she may possibly buy a throat culture. If you or your baby has not now offered a sample, you will get a further swab test.

If the throat culture was good, it implies you or your baby has strep throat or other strep an infection.

If the throat culture was unfavorable, it implies your indications are not staying brought about by strep A germs. Your provider will most likely buy a lot more checks to enable make a diagnosis.

If you or your baby was diagnosed with strep throat, you will

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