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Panic Disorder Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

What is a stress ailment examination?

Panic ailment is a condition in which you have regular stress attacks. A stress attack is a unexpected episode of intensive panic and stress. In addition to emotional distress, a stress attack can induce physical signs or symptoms. These include upper body soreness, swift heartbeat, and shortness of breath. Throughout a stress attack, some folks assume they are having a coronary heart attack. A stress attack can past wherever from a few minutes to around an hour.

Some stress attacks transpire in reaction to a stress filled or terrifying condition, this kind of as a automobile accident. Other attacks transpire with out a very clear motive. Panic attacks are widespread, affecting at minimum 11% of adults every single year. Several folks have 1 or two attacks in their life span and recover with out remedy.

But if you have repeated, unpredicted stress attacks and are in consistent panic of obtaining a stress attack, you may possibly have stress ailment. Panic ailment is rare. It only impacts two to three % of adults every single year. It is 2 times as widespread in women than in males.

When stress ailment is not life-threatening, it can be upsetting and affect your top quality of life. If left untreated, it can lead to other severe troubles, together with depression and compound use. A stress ailment examination can support diagnose the condition so you can get the proper remedy.

Other names: stress ailment screening