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Posts published in “Day: March 4, 2020”

Hugh Jackman Remembers Getting Supremely Ripped for ‘Logan’

Today marks the three-year anniversary of Logan opening in theaters. The film’s star, the impossibly shredded Hugh Jackman, took to Instagram to reminisce. Not just on the movie, but also on the many years of intense physical training and miracle dieting that defined his tenure as Wolverine.

“3 years ago … on this day. LOGAN was released,” Jackman said on Instagram. “#thankyou for the many (and I really mean MANY) years of sweat, steamed chicken and, the role of a lifetime!”

Jackman debuted as the ageless, cigar-chomping, claw-wielding superhero in 2000 with X-Men. It was his breakthrough role after five years of Australian theater and television roles. Wolverine was just one of the ensemble in X-Men, yet as the series continued through X-2 in 2003 and The Last Stand in 2006, Jackman’s gruff vigilante (and his totally jacked tank top body) came to the forefront. By the time

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